Economic Development

What is "Open to Business"?

Open to Business provides one on one business counseling to current and prospective entrepreneurs. Our consultants work with you to develop a strong business plan, identify challenges and opportunities, and to tailor solutions. In addition to direct consulting, Open to Business program staff can link entrepreneurs with additional resources to help them succeed, including training programs, community or governmental services, and industry and business professionals.
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We'll work with you to determine all of your capital needs, and we can help you identify and apply for financing that meets those needs.

For more information or to get started, contact Rob Smolund at 612-789-7337, ext. 260 or by email, or check out the Open to Business Website.

Assistance Areas

Open to Business Provides Assistance in the following areas:
  • Bookkeeping Set-Up and Training - How do I keep track of sales and expenses?
  • Business Regulations - What licenses or permits do I need? How do I get them?
  • Financial Management - What are cash-flow projections, and why are they important?
  • Loan Packaging - For any size loan, start up or expansion projects. What are the document requirements I need to get a loan?
  • Marketing Assistance - Who are my customers and how do I reach them?
  • Professional Referrals - Where do I find an accountant? Attorney?
  • Real Estate Analysis - Should I rent or own my business space?
  • Strategic Planning - How do I evaluate and manage growth?