Annual Reports 2021

  1. 2021 Accomplishments
  • Continued to contract with Ramsey County Elections for elections administration for all of St. Anthony in 2021
  • Supported 40 City Council meetings (including worksessions)
  • Supported 7 Planning Commission meetings
  • Supported 4 Parks & Environmental Commission meetings
  • Prepared 102 Resolutions
  • Prepared 5 Ordinances
  • Implemented Agenda Center module on our website to allow residents to receive notification when meeting packets are ready via email and text
  • Created a Communications Plan
  • Continued monthly news sharing and social media meetings with all departments
  • Completed a website redesign
  • Added multiple resources to our website and reorganized webpages
  • Launched the City Facebook page
  • Made enhancements to the quarterly newsletter VillageNotes
  • Research community survey vendors
  • Hired 4 new full-time employees
  • Assisted in promotion of 2 full-time employees
  • Presented the city's annual Spirit of St. Anthony Award to Mary Piper of our Liquor stores
  • Continued participation in GARE
  • Partnered with Just Deeds to help residents in Hennepin County remove restrictive covenants from their property
  • Adopted Indigenous Peoples Day as an observed city holiday
  • Continued monthly safety committee meetings
  • Maintained Greenstep 5 and Tree City certifications
  • Held Annual Clean-Up Day
  • Held Annual electronics recycling event partnering with Tech Dump
  • Continued to promote use of our food scraps collection site (organics recycling)
  • Explored options for single hauler organized collection beginning in 2023
  • Held public hearings and approved multi-unit projects adding 211 additional units
  • Held public hearing and approved new bank building
  • Issued 1177 permits
  • Conducted 1070 building inspections
  1. Environmental Responsibility 
  2. Quality Infrastructure
  3. Civic Engagement
  4. Thriving Neighborhoods
  5. Communicate Transparently & Effectively
  6. Safe & Secure Community
  7. Fiscal & Organizational Strength
  8. 2021 City Council Year in  Review
  • Ongoing phosphorus reduction efforts at Salo Pond and  the MWMO Research Facility.  SAV assuming the operations and Maintenance of the regional storm water facility.
  • Conversations continue with the DNR on delisting Silver Lake. Water quality is monitored annually and we look for initiatives to improve water quality
  • Provided online sign up to purchase rain barrels, in 2021 we had 15 rain barrels available and sold all of them within a couple of days
  • Maintained GreenStep 5 Status
  • City adopted Mayor's Water Challenge resolution
  • Both Wright and Sherburne County solar gardens are operational
  • Solar demonstration project approved for Central Park Pavilion, PW placed deposits on two EV pickup trucks
  • Include organics in RFP in next organized collection contract 
  • Tech Dump held on October 9, 2021
  • Received 2020 Tree City Recognition in March 2021
  • Permit submitted to MPCA for review on 4/15/21. Articles included in Newsletter, SWPPP webpage created

  1. 2021 Accomplishments
  2. 2022 Work Plan
  3. 2021 Statistics
  • Reviewed employee evaluation content and process.  Created quarterly check in process and yearly evaluation utilizing interactive assessment and documentation process.
  • Implemented National Information Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Crime Report as required by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • Implemented LEADS ON LINE.  Leads Online is a database of Pawn and Online Peer to Peer sales transactions.  Pawn shops voluntarily report transaction information, and Leads Online organizes and gives access to the information.  This tool is incredibly useful in locating individuals wanted for crimes that aren't necessarily pawn or property related, as Leads Online collects address, telephone, name and date of birth, as well as photographs. Leads Online was pivotal in solving the armed robbery at Hidden Treasures, qualifying information and phone numbers, revealed addresses, photographs, transactions, and frequently traveled areas.  
  • Continue Body Worn Camera (BWC) internal monthly auditing process.  
  • Implement officer training based on protocols for investigating sexual assault cases as set forth by the MN POST Board.  Training created 2020.  
  • Continue training and employee development related to the department policy/procedure manual.  Issue daily training bulletins that expanded officer knowledge and awareness pertaining to policy, applicable State/Federal and changes as a result of case law rulings.
  • Continue to send personnel through a MN POST Board approved 40 hour Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) program.  Long term goal to have all officers complete the 40 hour certified training.  (Move to 2022 – unable to send officers to training due to COVID Pandemic). 
  • Completed officer training that emphasizes officer skill development in areas associated to mental health concerns, de-escalation strategies and community relations.
  • Completed department training utilizing Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics (I.C.A.T.) into officer development and training.  Focus on training platforms related to Use of Force, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Firearms and responding to persons in crisis.  
  • Continued professional development of first line supervisors, as well as Office Manager, Lieutenant, Captain & Police Chief. 
  • All officers completed League of MN Cities, MN POST Board approved, 2021 "Patrol Online" training for officers.
  • Continued community engagement initiatives.  
  • Purchased and put into service a new mobile digital speed control device in conjunction with digital speed indicators located on 37th Avenue and Silver Lake Road.  
  • Create an interface that allows the automated transfer of digital media to the Ramsey County Attorney Office and city attorneys.  (implemented January 2022).  
  • Continue to evaluate methods for implementing online reporting for selected offenses.  (move to 2022).
  • Maintain police department membership with city wide involvement in the Government Alliance on Race and Equity.
  • Offered medicine disposal drop box services.  Collected 318.6 lbs of pharmaceuticals and packaging.