Community Engagement


The City of St. Anthony desires to hear from our community. The City values input from residents and understands that it isn't always convenient or feasible to attend public meetings to provide your input. 

The city has launched a new online engagement platform for residents, called Polco. By using Polco we have another tool to use to collect feedback on city services, current ideas, and issues facing the City.  Sign up today to get started! Polco has a strict privacy policy, and will never share your personal information. Residents’ individual information cannot be accessed by the City.

How to use

Residents can create an account at The service is free to all residents. 

Register your account to get notifications when the city posts a new survey. 

Data privacy

Your data and responses remain private. Individual data that’s collected by Polco will not be shared. Participant’s individual input and comments are anonymous.

  1. Nicole Miller

    Assistant City Manager

  1. National Community Survey
  2. Communications Survey 2022
  3. Other Engagement Opportunities

The City of St. Anthony conducted a community wide livability survey in the Fall of 2022, to ensure that we are building the community our residents want and providing a high level of service.

The survey focuses on following ten key facets of community livability: Economy, Mobility, Community Design, Utilities, Safety, Natural Environment, Parks and Recreation, Health and Wellness, Education, Arts and Culture, Inclusivity & Engagement.