Just Deeds Project

During the forming of the Twin Cities, discriminatory covenants were used to keep those that were not white from owning or occupying land in certain  neighborhoods. The result is a century of segregated communities and huge disparities in wealth, health and well-being.

Just Deeds is a program that allows property owners to discharge racially restrictive covenants to create change and promote racial equity here in Minnesota. Below is a video from the City of Golden Valley, in partnership with CCX Media, that provides additional background and information about the Just Deeds program.

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Learn more about the history of these covenants in Minnesota.

Do I have one of these Covenants?

Mapping Prejudice, a University of Minnesota project, created a map that shows common restrictive covenants in Hennepin County. To see if your Hennepin County property has such a covenant:  Click here , scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Hennepin_County_Racial_Covenants_Table. csv."  Hennepin County is working with Just Deeds to have this language removed at no cost to the owners!*

*Ramsey County resident information coming at a future date.

To Participate

To participate in this project by having your covenant changed, please complete the application in the link below. Someone from the Just Deeds project will contact you.  If you'd like to know more about the process, please email Jennifer Doyle, St. Anthony's  HR Coordinator/Deputy City Clerk at jennifer.doyle@savmn.com.

National League of Cities (NLC) Article on Just Deeds Program


You can also volunteer your time and services to this project.  If you'd like to help, the Just Deeds website has different opportunities available.  Click here to find out more.