Pet Waste

What's the Big Deal?

Although seemingly innocent and minuscule, both the EPA and the MPCA have placed pet waste in the same category of water contaminants as toxic chemicals and oil. It is one of the most abundant contaminants in our lakes and rivers because it can flow into storm sewers via rain/snow runoff from any location - even a lawn. Pet diets are high in protein, unlike geese, which leads to a very potent poo. According to a survey conducted at City Hall, 78% of residents say that the largest inhibitor to picking up their pet's waste is forgetting to bring a bag.

Contaminants found in dog waste that are harmful to dogs, wildlife, water quality, and humans alike are: Salmonella, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, coccidia, giardia, Paro Virus and E coli. E coli can cause kidney disorders and diarrhea in pets or even humans.

Pet Waste Pick-Up Services

A variety of metro area pet waste services are available for weekly or monthly yard pick-up. Services are available for residential or multi-family spaces.

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Review City Pet Ordinances and learn more about pet waste from our Pet Waste Brochure (PDF).
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