2024 Street Improvement Project

It is anticipated that construction will begin on the project in late spring/early summer of 2024. Prior to completing design, the City would like to give residents opportunities to provide input and ask questions regarding the project as well as learn more about the proposed assessments. The formal notice for the property assessments and the public hearing will be sent to you under a separate letter in February/March of 2024.

Map highlighting streets in red that will be part of the 2024 mill and overlay project

Project Contacts

Katie Koscielak
Project Manager
WSB & Associates
Phone: 612-282-3641

Justin Messner
City Engineer
WSB & Associates
Phone: 612-388-9652

Jeremy Gumke
Public Works Director
City of St. Anthony
Phone: 612-782-3441

After Hours Non-Emergency
Fire Department
Phone: 612-782-3400

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Weekly Updates

Weekly project updates provide an overview of activities that have occurred during that previous time period. 


2nd Neighborhood Meeting Recap - 01/10/24

1st Neighborhood Meeting Recap - 10/11/23

Televising and Drone Survey Letter - 10/13/23

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Maintenance and Resurfacing Project

The City of St. Anthony will be completing maintenance and pavement resurfacing improvements (mill and overlay) along:

    Hilldale Ave. from Belden Dr. to Rankin Rd.
    32nd Ave. NE from Edward St. to Rankin Rd.
    Roosevelt St. from 34th Ave. NE to 37th Ave. NE
    35th Ave. NE from Stinson Blvd. to Harding St.
    Edward St. from 31st Ave. NE to 35th Ave. NE
    Harding St. from 34th Ave. NE to 36th Ave. NE
    Belden Dr. from 32nd Ave. NE to 34th Ave. NE
    34th Ave. NE from Stinson Blvd. to Silver Lake Rd.
    Wilson St. from 30th Ave. NE to 32nd Ave. NE
    Harding St. from 30th Ave. NE to 31st Ave. NE
    Roosevelt Ave. from 31st Ave. NE to north terminus
    St. Anthony Rd. from Roosevelt St. to Edward St.
    Townview Ave. from Wilson St. to Silver Lake Rd.
    31st Ave. NE from Stinson Blvd. to Silver Lake Rd.

Additional improvement includes a thin maintenance overlay along 31st Ave. NE from Silver Lake Rd. to Rankin Rd.

Learn more about the Street Reconstruction Process

Street reconstruction process

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