Electronics Recycling

The City of St. Anthony partners with Repowered to offer electronics recycling.  

2023 Prices

ItemApproximate Charges
Computers: laptops & notebooks, desktops & towers, servers, ipads & tablets, hard drives, routers & modems

Keyboard$5.00 each
DVD/VCR$10.00 each
Computer Monitor$10.00 each
Flatscreen TV$25.00 each
Big Screen or Tube TV$75.00 each
Holiday lightsFree
Lamps, Fans, Vacuum cleaners, scanner, printer, misc small appliances$10.00 each
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors$2.00 each
Microwaves$35.00 each

If you can’t wait to dispose of items, contact your waste hauler for bulky item pickup and cost.

Reminder: you can arrange to have old, working refrigerators and freezers picked up by Xcel Energy for free, and they offer a $50 rebate for these items.  For more info and to arrange pickup, go to the Xcel Refrigerator Recycling website.

The City reserves the right to refuse any item and reserves the right to recover materials from the materials it receives for reuse or recycling. 

Repowered Item list 2023