Accessory Building under 200 square feet

Please complete the Zoning Permit Application (PDF) for accessory buildings under 200 square feet. Include a site plan with location of building showing setbacks in relation to property line,  size and height of building, and impervious surface calculations.

Accessory Buildings (Less Than 200 Square Feet)

A Site Plan Review by the City Planner is required for accessory buildings under 200 square feet.

Keep in mind:
  • A permit is required to put up an accessory building.
  • A building permit is required for accessory buildings over 200 square feet.

Tips for Locating Corner Irons

  • Renting a metal detector can give you an indication of an iron location before you start digging
  • You may not be able to find one or more of your property irons. Sometimes irons are dug up when utility work, street construction or similar activity has taken place near your property corners.
  • If an adjacent neighbor has recently done construction, they likely had to locate their irons and may be able to show you where they found a shared iron(s).
  • Utility poles, hedges, a sidewalk edge, or a neighbor's fence are not definite indicators of a property line location.
  • Before doing any digging, you should call Gopher State at 651-454-0002 to locate any utilities.