Reserve Officer Program

The St. Anthony Police Department operates and maintains a volunteer Police Reserve Program. The Department is always accepting applications for anyone wishing to join the Police Reserve Program. If you are interested in becoming a member, please, apply online .
Contact the Police Department at 612-782-3350 with any questions.

The following is list of duties of a St. Anthony Police Reserve Officer:

1. To assist any Police Officer, firefighter, civil defense personnel or other duly authorized City employee, official or agent in the performance of emergency services.

2. To assist with crowd control activities and park patrol duties under the supervision of a sworn Police Officer.

3. The principle purpose of the Police Reserve Unit is to assist sworn Police Officers in their duties.  They are not to be used in place of sworn Police Officers but may assist them in assigned details. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sporting events;
  • Parade details;
  • Funerals;
  • Vacation home checks;
  • Traffic control;
  • Vehicle impounds;
  • Parking enforcement;
  • Courtesy transports; 
  • Prisoner transports with cooperative arrestees;
  • Animal complaints;
  • Park patrol.
4. To perform other lawful functions as directed by the Chief of Police and his/her assigned supervisor.

5. Under no circumstances shall a Reserve Officer be assigned to any detail that requires the services of a sworn Police Officer, without the permission of the Chief of Police.

Applications for membership will be considered with the following requirements:

1. Applicant must be between 21 and 60 years of age.  However, an applicant of at least 18 years of age can be considered if he/she is enrolled in an accredited law enforcement program.  Consideration will be given upon receipt of documentation from the accredited academic institute being attended.  No Police Reserve shall serve upon attaining 70 years of age.

2. Applicant must be a resident of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and a United States citizen or resident that is legally able to work in the United States.

3. Applicant must be a high school graduate or equivalent. 

4. Applicant must complete an employment application for the City of St. Anthony.

5. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record, as determined by the Chief of Police, the Background Coordinator and/or the Police Reserve Coordinator.