Police Department 

Mission Statement

To improve the overall quality of life by preserving the peace and safety of the community.

Vision Statement

The St. Anthony Police Department is committed to hire, develop, and retain dedicated professionals who are devoted to exceptional policing service and creating a safe and secure community that is a desirable place in which to live, learn, work and play.

About Our Department

The St. Anthony Police Department is committed to Community Oriented Policing. We strive to establish connections with all community members and rely on positive relationships to solve issues. Policing involves a special trust given to us by the public to uphold and enforce the law. As public servants, policing requires us to have thousands of interactions with the public and the community we serve. Often times, these contacts are during times of crisis and distress and can unfold rapidly and in unforeseen directions.

We are mindful that policing involves a partnership with the entire community. As a partner in the community, all department employees work cooperatively to ensure we are working towards the goals and objectives outlined in our police department’s strategic plan.  The strategic plan aids  in focusing our resources, making data driven decisions and evaluating how we take input from all stakeholders and apply them with the intended goal to improve the overall quality of life by preserving the peace and safety of our community. Jointly, we work to identify and prioritize problems within the agency and the community to develop solutions to problems of mutual concern. In interacting with the public, as well as one another, we are professional and mindful that our conduct may impact others. 

A clear vision creates clarity of purpose. A clear mission improves the quality of our service. Our identified goals and objectives  tie directly into our mission and vision. That mission and vision  tie directly to the city mission and vision. All of our police officers must be able to plausibly articulate how any policing action they take fits into the department’s mission, vision and strategic plan. 

Historically, our department has placed an added emphasis on public service, public relations, juvenile relations, and crime prevention. This emphasis is present in all our police activities daily, and applies equally to all citizens. We  seek to provide a personalized service to our residents in the interest of effective public relations.

While larger communities enjoy the luxury of specialization among its officers, our department members must work toward proficiency in all phases of police service. The Department is committed to training that works toward these proficiencies yet at the same time builds our capacity in areas of Procedural Justice and Fair and Impartial Policing. We constantly strive to accomplish our mission on an individual basis and as a team member of the department. We work toward our goals and objectives in a manner that brings credit to the police profession, our department, and our community.

The St. Anthony Police Department has a total of 20 sworn officers, 2 full-time civilian staff, and 1 full-time Community Service Officer. Additionally, the Department has 14 Reserve Officers. The Department also provides police services for the City of Lauderdale on a contractual basis.  

Police Organizational Chart

Police Organizational Chart