Goal Five Accomplishments: Enhance Focus on Crime Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression

  • Use of Social Media to better inform the public of recent crime trends, notify the public of  active police activities in an area, and serve as an outlet to solicit partnerships with the community. 
  • Utilize information from county and state investigative agencies to mitigate and respond to the threat of crime in the community. An example is the protection and mitigation of crime at retail businesses during the civil unrest in May of 2020. 
  • Displayed a crime mapping tool on our website, powered by LexisNexis Risk Solutions to inform the public with a map of recent crimes and the ability to provide anonymous tips. 
  • Partnered with ProTechDNA to provide the business and residential community with the ability to discreetly mark their valuable items. This allows police to pair recovered property with the owner. 
    • This program also allows officers to review property recovered by other agencies and to search Pawn records for stolen items.