Sister City

Salo, Finland: Sister City to St. Anthony Village

Since 1985 the City of St. Anthony has enjoyed a sister-city relationship with the City of Salo, Finland. Salo, Finland is located on the south-western tip of Finland, about a 1 1/2 hour-drive west of Helsinki and a 1/2-hour drive east of Turku. The area boasts magnificent landscapes, breathtaking seascapes, scenic rivers, lakes, forests, wilds, and expansive grain fields.

Situated at the crossroads of the ancient King's Road leading east from Turku and roads leading to the north, Salo early on became an important trading center. King's Road, known to exist since the 13th century, led from Finland's former capital, Turku to Viborg, Denmark and St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia. People who lived in Salo left their imprint. Implements made of stone have been discovered in the area.

Because Salo is so conveniently located on the coast, it is a popular tourist spot. In the summer, a tourist is able to sail to Salo and berth at Vuohensaari Island or in the Town Centre. The distance from the coast to the Market Square in Salo is 3 kilometers.

The Market Square with its stalls of garden produce and flowers and its outdoor cafes is a colorful sight and a popular meeting place for tourists and residents alike. Fairs were held at the Market Centre as early as the 17th century and the tradition of annual fairs in October continues today.

The Visit Salo Website contains information about the region's tourist and leisure services. There you can find details of recreational activities, aspects of history, trails and restaurants, cottages and other accommodation, the best shops and boutiques, as well as places selling fresh local produce.