The City of St. Anthony operates under a Plan B Council/Manager form of government. The Mayor and City Council set policies, legislative direction and budget for the city. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to carry out the administrative duties.

City Manager

The Administration Department administers city government within the guidelines of State law and policies established by the City Council. The City Manager supervises the Administration, Administrative Services Coordinator, Finance, Police, Fire, Public Works and Liquor Departments in addition to the consulting planning, legal, and engineering services.

Assistant to the City Manager

The Assistant to the City Manager is primarily responsible for the human resources function in the City. Administering all the benefit programs, arranging informational meetings with benefit providers, and generally serving as a resource for staff needs. The position supports the City Manager, and as a back-up for some administrative & Finance Department functions.


Administrative Services Coordinator

The Administrative Services Coordinator serves also as the City Clerk and is responsible for the preparation, maintenance and publication of official records, documents, resolutions and ordinances. The Administrative Services Coordinator oversees communications including  the City’s website, newsletter, and social media platforms.. In addition, the Administrative Services Coordinator is the point of contact for elections and assists with planning and zoning.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator supports, enhances, and implements the strategic communications plan for the City of St. Anthony to share our stories with our community. This position is shared with the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District.

Plans & Reports

Administration Department Annual Reports

Annual Strategic Plans

Annual Goal Setting packets



Please contact the City Manager/ADA Coordinator if you have concerns about accessibility at 612-782-3301 or Email Charlie Yunker.